Governing Documents and Reports

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Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation [PDF]
2021 Statement of Change [PDF]

GVR Bylaws [PDF]

Corporate Policy Manual

Board Resolutions
Board Resolutions [PDF]

Board Credo
Board Credo [PDF]

Policy Governance Manual
Policy Governance Manual [PDF]

Corporate Boundary Document:
Corporate Boundary Document [PDF]

Developer Member Documents:
Developer Member Agreement [PDF]
Developer Member Side Agreement [PDF]


Long & Short Range Plans

2023 Workplan
2023 Workplan [PDF]

2022-2026 GVR Strategic Plan
GVR Strategic Plan 2022-26 [PDF]

2013-2018 GVR Five-Year Operations Plan
GVR Five-Year Operations Plan [PDF]

2013-2018 GVR Strategic Plan Survey Results
GVR Strategic Plan Survey Results [PDF]

GVR Long-Range Strategic Facilities Plan
GVR Long-Range Plan
2016 WSM PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]

GVR Capital Projects 3/5-Year Plan
GVR 3/5-Year Plan


GVR Finances

GVR Financial Documents


Other Documents

Board Orientation:
Board Orientation Workbook (Partners in Leadership Institute)

GVR Organizational Chart:
GVR Organizational Chart

Master Deed Restriction:
Master Deed Restriction

2023 Member Survey Results [PDF]
2018 Member Survey Presentation [PDF]
2018 Member Survey Results [PDF]

Meeting Guidelines:
Robert’s Rules of Order

Partnership for an Envisioned Future of Green Valley, Arizona

Legal Opinions:
Legal Opinion – Limits of Authority & Indebtedness
Legal Opinion – Non-Profits and First Amendment
Summary of Legal Opinion – Removal of Officers
Summary of Legal Opinion – Standard of Service


Reserve Study

2024 MRR Reserve Study
2024 MRR Reserve Study [PDF]

2023 MRR Reserve Study
2023 MRR Reserve Study [PDF]

2022 MRR Reserve Study
2022 MRR Reserve Study [PDF]

2021 Reserve Study Update
2021 MRR Reserve Study Update [PDF]

BRG Memo October 14, 2019 – GVR Percent Funded
10/14/2019 GVR Percent Funded [PDF]

BRG Memo September 19, 2019 – GVR Percent Funded
9/19/2019 GVR Percent Funded [PDF]

2019 Reserve Study Update
GVR 2019 Reserve Study Update [PDF]

2018 Reserve Study Update
GVR 2018 Reserve Study Update [PDF]

2017 Reserve Study Update
GVR 2017 Reserve Study Update [PDF]

2016 Reserve Study
GVR 2016 Reserve Study [PDF]