Racket and Paddle Sports

Racket and paddle sports are very popular at GVR! Tennis, table tennis, pickleball and racquetball clubs provide opportunities for over 1300 members to take skill-building courses, enjoy round-robin play, and meet like-minded folks. However, all members are welcome to use the racket and paddle sports facilities—not just club members.

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7 Days/Week
Canoa Hills Tennis: 2 courts 6:00am-dusk
Canoa Ranch Pickleball: 4 courts 7:00am-dusk
Desert Hills Tennis: 4 courts 6:00am-dusk
East Center Tennis: 2 courts
Pickleball courts (8)
6:00am-8:45pm (lighted courts)
Las Campanas Tennis: 2 courts 6:00am-dusk
Madera Vista Tennis: 1 court (1 lighted) 6:00am-8:45pm
Pickleball Center Pickleball: 24 courts 6:00am-dusk
West Center Tennis: 6 courts (4 lighted) 6:00am-8:45pm


Table Tennis Schedule

Las Campanas Cottonwood Room Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday, 9am-5pm
Canoa Hills Temporarily closed for renovations.
West Center GVR Table Tennis Club: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am-Noon



All members are welcome to use the tennis facilities. No club membership required. However, club play may take priority during certain hours. Courts are subject to reservation through a reservation system operated by the GVR Tennis Club. Non club members may purchase access to the reservation system for a nominal annual fee, or can check court availability and play between reservations.

GVR’s seventeen tennis courts are open seven days a week, from 6:00am to dusk. In two locations, the courts are lighted and remain open until 8:45pm.

Canoa Hills: 2 courts

Desert Hills: 4 courts

East Center: 2 courts

Las Campanas: 2 courts

Madera Vista: 1 court (Lighted, open until 8:45pm)

West Center: 6 courts (Lighted, open until 8:45pm)

The facilities at West Center include a ramada, kitchenette, restrooms, and barbecues.

The GVR Tennis Club has 472 members. The club includes five leagues and hosts tournaments and socials.

Click HERE for information on the GVR Tennis Club, including court availability and reservations.


Pickleball has taken Green Valley by storm, as it has in many communities across the country. GVR has 36 pickleball courts in three locations, open seven days a week from 6:00am to dusk:

Canoa Ranch: 4 courts, 7:00am-dusk

East Center: 8 courts, lighted and open from 6:00am to 8:45pm

GVR Pickleball Center: 24 courts, 6:00am-dusk

The GVR Pickleball Club has 820 members. The club hosts a variety of events from tournaments and skills clinics, to social gatherings. Courts are subject to a reservation system managed by the Pickleball Club.

Click HERE to visit the GVR Pickleball Club website.


GVR has two indoor racquetball courts at the Las Campanas Center and is home to the 64-member Racquetball Club.

Click Here for court schedule.

Table Tennis

All members are welcome to use the table tennis facilities. No club membership required. However, club play may take priority during certain hours. All the equipment is available for your use: tables, paddles and balls.