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GVR Membership requires a deed restriction in perpetuity on a property within the established boundaries of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. Because the membership is a deed restriction in perpetuity on the property, cancellation of membership is not an option. GVR Membership passes from owner to owner when a property sells.

How to Become a Member

  1. Purchase a GVR deed restricted home, OR
  2. Purchase a home within GVR established boundaries that is not GVR deed restricted. Once the home has closed and recorded contact Membership at (520) 625-3440. You will then meet with a Membership Specialist to sign an agreement to deed restrict the property, pay the Initial Fee, Transfer Fee, and pro-rated dues and obtain your GVR Membership Card.
  • If you are not sure the property is within GVR established boundaries, please call the Membership Department at (520) 625-3440.
  • Once your home has closed and recorded, please visit one of our Membership Specialists located in the Administrative Offices to obtain your GVR Member ID Card.

Please contact our Membership department if you should need the 2023 fees ( or (520) 625-3440).

2024 Fee Schedule
Membership Change Fee
Upon transfer of title of a GVR membership property, the new owner shall pay a Membership Change Fee
2024 Annual Dues $515
Life Care Member $515
Transfer Fee
There shall be a charge for the processing of the documents upon a change in the title of a membership property. This fee is charged in addition to the Initial Fee or Membership Change Fee
Additional GVR Card Holder $100
Card Replacement Fee $15


Other Fees
Initial Fee
This fee is assessed to a property only once – at the time the home is Voluntary Deed Restricted or when a new GVR home is built
Estate Planning Transfer Fee
Non-sale conveyance of property title for estate planning, trusts, or similar purposes as determined by the Board of Directors

Membership Change Fee

Upon the transfer of title to any existing GVR membership property, the new owner(s) of such property shall pay a Membership Change Fee and a Transfer Fee in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. The Membership Change Fee is charged to assist in the deferred maintenance and upkeep of GVR’s facilities.

The fee will be refunded when a member sells one primary GVR residence and moves to another primary GVR residence within 365 days and if the following apply:

  • Member has owned and occupied the GVR property being sold for at least one year.
  • A tenant card has not been issued on the property within the twelve months immediately prior to the sale of the owner-occupied property.
  • The member submits a refund request for the MCF. GVR will review the property transaction details to confirm ownership and eligibility for both properties. Refunds will be processed upon verification.

Single Member Complimentary Cards

Learn about single-member household eligibility to receive Complimentary Guest ID Cards or Complimentary Card Holder ID Cards [PDF]

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards can be obtained from a Customer Service Representative (CSR). There is a $15 Card Replacement Fee for lost cards. Replacement cards can be obtained at the West Center Box Office/Customer Service Center.

Lifecare Members

Lifecare Criteria and Privileges

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