Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of GVR and the Key to Its Success.

CHPoolMonitor Green Valley Recreation’s success is due, in large part, to the tireless efforts and dedication of its volunteers. Volunteers often work behind the scenes to create and support many of the activities available at GVR. The Pool Volunteers, Fitness Volunteers, Program Volunteers, Club Officers, and the Board of Directors, are all individuals who devote their time and energy to help bring the finest facilities and leisure activities to the rest of the GVR members.

DHMonitor One of the wonderful things about Green Valley is the exceptional variety of quality activities. Without the hard work and dedication of our volunteer staff, many of these activities would not be available. With demand for services increasing daily, there is a great need of more volunteers. The opportunities are plentiful and can be found at a center near you. Come on out and join the fun!

Volunteering is fun!

Animation IMG_3832 Would you like to meet new people, learn a new skill or do you have a desire to help your recreation community? Come join us! You can participate in some of these great GVR volunteer opportunities:

  • Board of Directors – 12 volunteers elected by the membership to guide and govern Green Valley Recreation.
  • Board Committees – volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors to research and develop Recommendations.
    GVR Committee Application Form – Drop off Committee Applications at the Administrative Office in c/o Nanci Moyo. Or attach in an email to Nancim@gvrec.org.
  • Clubs – club officers who facilitate the sharing of common interests and social interaction.
  • Hobby Shops – serve as instructors and monitors, teach members a new hobby or share skills, and consolidate resources to have high quality tools and workshops.
  • Programs – work with staff, collect tickets at various events, assist during events as needed.