Fitness Equipment

Outer Thigh

Muscle Used: Vastus Lateralis. Muscle Used For: Straightening the leg. Muscle Location: Outer Thigh.

Universal Gym

This piece of equipment is a gym in itself. It contains a leg press, Bench Press, Knee Raise, Dip, Lateral Pull Down, Biceps Curl and Pull up Bar.

Nu Step

This piece of equipment is used for cardiovascular conditioning and toning the muscles in the lower body It is handicapped accessible and very easy on the joints.

Air Dyne Bike

This machine provides cardiovascular conditioning. It also works the major muscles in the lower body.

Butterfly Machine

Muscle Used: Pectoralis Major. Muscle Used For: Draws the shoulders and arms forward and inward. Muscle Location: Chest.

Cross Trainer

This is also known as an Elliptical machine. It is a low impact cardiovascular training machine. It is gentle on the joints and works out the major muscles in the… Read more »

Stationary Bike

This Piece of equipment conditions the cardiovascular system and works all the major muscles in the lower body. GVR has different types of stationary bikes at each of the centers.