GVR Buys Building for Club Spaces

Monday, October 19, 2020

Last Friday, the GVR Board of Directors approved the purchase of the former Canoa Hills Golf Course Clubhouse.

An exhaustive study of the building and grounds was completed prior to making an offer, including professional inspections, expert consultations on all aspects of the structure, the air quality, and possible renovation ideas.

After a lengthy and comprehensive remodel of the building, dedicated space will be built for GVR Glass Artists, GVR Ceramics and GVR Poker Clubs. Additionally, the move will free up space at the Desert Hills Center to allow GVR Lapidary Club to expand; facilitate expansion of the fitness room and provide availability for much needed meeting space for member groups and classes.

Opportunities for development of recreation centers in Green Valley are seriously limited, and the location of the former clubhouse is an excellent location and value for GVR Members. The purchase of this property will not be responsible for any increase in member dues.