Chat with the CEO 3.23.21

Chat with the CEO 3.23.21
Location: Santa Rita Springs
Attendees: 5

Most Common Themes
Improve communications, internal (responsiveness) as well as external

What GVR Does Well
Facilities are kept clean and in good shape
Excellent staff
The variety the programming
COVID response; rules, cleanliness
Value for $

What GVR Can Improve
Board sensitivity to member concerns
Board comportment—in-fighting
Complimentary classes
Be proactive vs reactive
Reduce ticket prices in GVR Live! Program
Communications: responsiveness/customer service, the awful website
Stratify program and communications across age groups
Enforcement of Covid mitigation measures

Favorite Thing?
Access to any of the 14 centers
The classes—well organized, abundant options
Nuggets, Notions and Stray Thoughts Worth Considering
Increasing dues, even modestly, at the end of 2020 was a bad idea. Bad optics.
Would like to see cooking classes
Why is water aerobics so slow to restart?
Publish a comparative analysis of GVR’s value
Kudos to Miles for his excellent work in the fitness centers