Chat with the CEO Notes

On February 19, Scott Somers began a series of weekly conversations with the members, as a means of introducing himself and learning about the memberships concerns and priorities “from the horse’s mouth.” The remarks and themes from each meeting will be posted here.



Location: EC Auditorium

Attendees: 17

Most Common Themes

-Communication Communication Communication (needs to improve)

-Attendees appreciate the diverse program, great staff, clubs, and value for dollar that GVR offers

-Rebuild the EC pool

-Easy. Make things easy

-The hostilities between board members are harmful

What GVR does well

-Maintains facilities

-Great staff

-Diverse program

-Clubs! Whoa!

-Great value for the cost

Where GVR Can Improve

-Provide some complimentary classes and programs

-Work on solutions to improve access to the high demand programs (ceramics, clay studio, etc)

-Physical accessibility: the toilets are too low, the plastic chairs are uncomfortable for folks with back problems

-East Center does not seem to be maintained to the same standard as other centers; custodial, landscaping, and upgrades are all lacking compared to other sites

-Improve due diligence on major projects—too often it seems that projects run over proposed budgets by substantial amounts

-Inform members more and solicit feedback more often

-Improve communication with field staff so they can accurately answer member questions

-GVR news should come from GVR, not the newspaper

-Custodial work at MV needs improvement

-Communicate causes of closures and expected resolution dates—from fitness machines to centers

-High-use furniture, such as pool deck chairs, should be inspected more frequently and replaced more often

-Address the needs of those who through age or health-related limitations, are not able to access GVR’s offerings. Appoint a taskforce?

-The floors in the WC showers are uneven (sloped?). Locker room floors in general are slippery.

Favorite Thing?

-The value. For the dues we pay, we get so much.

-The clubs. “I’d gladly pay $500 a year just for access to my (dedicated space) club.” “Some places are paying $500 monthly for less.”

-The diversity of the programs offered

-The number of volunteers

-Great staff

Nuggets, Notions, and Stray Thoughts Worth Considering

-The clay studio seems to be a production facility for several members who spend 40 or more hours per week there, producing items to sell. This reduces capacity for other users and isn’t there a rule about using the club spaces for commercial purposes?

-Consider creating a member advisory group regarding chairs, fixtures and other member-use items to ensure that older folks with common ailments can use them easily

-We all hate surprises

-Is there follow-up happening on the suggestions placed in the suggestion boxes?

-Make things EASY. We don’t want to jump through hoops like making phone calls to request a paper ballot. Can’t we just opt-in once for paper ballots?

-Do the HOAs offer a communications channel?

-How about an eblast feature called: “The latest rumor is…” followed by the truth of the matter

-GVR does not need to be the preeminent destination of choice