Chat with the CEO 4.13.21

Chat with the CEO 4.13.21

Location: Abrego North

Attendees: 5


Most Common Themes

Improve communication, internal as well as external

Improve comportment of the board (ie. bickering, partisanship)


What GVR Does Well

Member outreach (Chats with CEO) is a welcome development after a long drought

The Resident Youth program was a godsend to parents and grandparents during lockdown

Field staff are “wonderful”—friendly, positive, responsive, clearly invested

Crediting the 2021 annual guest card for those purchased in 2020 was a welcome act of fairness and good will


What GVR Can Improve

Attend to the needs of the younger, working members (open some gyms at 5am, hold one BOD meeting per quarter in the evening)

Attend to the needs of the oldest members who struggle to access recreation services

“The website is a disaster”

Increase inclusiveness, non-partisanship, and continuity in the BOD committees

Increase the weight of staff voice in BOD decisions.

Increase the weight of member voice in BOD decisions—it seems that feedback is heard, then set aside

Accessibility of voting


David Jund is an asset

East Center should be GVR’s showcase due to its location and status as the “seed” of GVR. Improve the landscape. Give the place a facelift. Include a visitor’s center.


Favorite Thing?

Ran out of time!