Chat with the CEO 3.9.21

Location: Canoa Ranch

Attendees: 13


Most Common Themes

Improve communication


What GVR Does Well

Facilities (especially CR fitness) are kept clean and in good shape

Facilities staff are responsive to reports of problems

Diversity of programs

The new maps on campus

Support for clubs: trainings are great, the staff responsible are great

Fourteen centers available no matter where the member lives

Staff reports/exhibits that are now included in the board meeting packet


What GVR Can Improve

Communication (giant letters)

Answer the phones and respond to messages/emails in a timely manner

Keep the website updated

Long-term planning

HOAs have lowest priority to reserve rooms


Favorite Thing?

The variety of opportunities


Friendly community

Value: “GVR is a screaming deal.”



Art Shows

Health fair

A&E program


Nuggets, Notions and Stray Thoughts Worth Considering

Communicate with realtors so new members get info right away

Work with the Board to establish roles of Directors and staff