Chat with the CEO 3.30.21

Chat with the CEO 3.30.21

Location: Las Campanas

Attendees: 8


Most Common Themes

Improve communication, internal as well as external


What GVR Does Well

The variety of the programming

Value for $

65 clubs

Capable staff

Facilities are kept clean and beautiful


What GVR Can Improve

Internal communication—front line staff need to be better informed and heard

GVR Now! content should be relevant to GVR

Reduce the partisan politics, improve the culture

The auditorium at WC needs improvements; seating, ticket prices

Accounts payable processes (cut instructors a single monthly check vs one per class)

Maintenance team responsiveness—repairs can take a long time to occur


Favorite Thing?


Variety of opportunities—more than there is time for

Classes and activities lead to friendship and a sense of community

Clay studio