Chat with the CEO 2.25.21

Attendees: 7


Most Common Themes

  • Improve outreach and services to folks who struggle to access GVR facilities and digital news channels
  • Improve member-friendly policies and practices (no-show fees, inflexibility with space reservations).
  • Increase accessibility of financial information (produce simple pie charts, translate insider terms, identify what various funds are for). Provide easy-to-understand explanations for why dues increases are needed, especially what threat exists if dues are not increased.


What GVR Does Well

  • Clean facilities
  • Communication: eblast, homepage, etc
  • Variety of clubs and activities
  • Responsive staff
  • Trying to keep costs down
  • Value for $


Where GVR Can Improve

  • Money waste (Canoa Hills Clubhouse)
  • Facility utilization—lack of effective plan in Corporate Policy Manual
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Increase governance info in GVR Now/print media for folks who do not access digital resources
  • Improve annual billing—members did not get bills
  • Address the needs of members who struggle to access facilities


Favorite Thing?

  • Clubs
  • Lecture series (and Forum club)
  • Pools
  • Entertainment


Nuggets, Notions and Stray Thoughts Worth Considering

  • Can GVR arrange to have the staff vaccinated like La Posada did?
  • Use HOAs to distribute information
  • Identify who needs to have news delivered vs. expensive mailing/delivery to all households
  • When surveying, find out why people don’t vote